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The Vaya saga continues. I just have too many notes to put them up at once.

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19 December 2015 - Another Broken Promise and No Reply from Vaya

Oh Vaya Australia, how you constantly disappointment
So, at the end of the day, I reviewed what is and is not to happen and where we currently stand because sometimes I get quite confused by what exactly is going on - it's one of the main reasons for keeping diaries such as these. I keep them for other issues, too, because my memory isn't very good and I want to track what's happening and what should happen based on what people say.

After reviewing everything in the evening, it's clear that Vaya has again failed on a promise, that is, to provide as promised and as requested:
  • Copy of the transcript between Optus and Vaya, and
  • A proper response to my letter.
Why am I not surprised?

18 December 2015 - Optus tells it to us straight

Vaya and their stupid problems
2:15pm: My wife wanted to ring Optus, suggesting if they provide us some information and Vaya tell us something else, then at least we have something to arm ourselves with and dig for more information. She talked to “Lukesh”. Optus advised:
  • They don't know why, but we're listed as a business;
  • They haven’t got a new request form from Vaya to activate the internet;
  • They confirmed there are technical issues and it also affects other telco’s;
  • Even if we cancel our contract and switch telco’s, the same issue will affect us;
  • If we are part of the backlog, it won’t come up as an application, so we’re probably still on the backlog list;
  • It’ll take longer to connect due to the lack of technicians over the Christmas period. It’ll probably be at least a few weeks.
For the first time, we now have a clear understanding. Highly disappointed. It doesn’t appear we can do much else about this other than follow it up in a few weeks.

Of all the calls and emails we've made to Vaya over many, many weeks, a simple call to Optus who is not our service provider gave us more of an understanding than our own service provider. It's so unclear why Vaya are hiding information. I see absolutely no reason for their secrecy.

The question is, though - what do we do now?

17 December 2015 - More of the same bad customer service

If Vaya can't hear you, they have an excuse not to help you
I received a reply from Vaya today and yet again, like the other instances, it simply fails to address my questions and concerns. They also make it abundantly clear that there's nothing Vaya can do (and I can only assume they are doing something, even if it's a call to Optus).

It's disturbing that they won't surrender any information to me about what they are doing on our behalf and when we can expect to have the service we purchased from them under contract. I wrote to the Manager in Vaya, making it clear the communication is not for their customer representatives. I advised that it appears Vaya is constantly deflecting and refusing to reply to me in a manner Vaya and I had agreed to. I asked the Manager review my letter and respond to me within a reasonable timeframe. I honestly don't think this is unreasonable. I still think it's unreasonable Vaya don't provide the names of Managers to whom I can write to, and know the name of the decision maker.